About Kyber Combat

What is Kyber Combat?

Kyber Combat is the one and only official Lightspeed Saber League base within North Texas. Created purely out of a passion for the hobby at large, Kyber Combat has grown to become the best source of light-based fencing instruction and competition within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We believe in camaraderie, positive reinforcement, constructive competition and self-improvement in not just the sport but your life overall.

What is Lightspeed Saber League?

Lightspeed Saber League is the producer of the Lightspeed-saber fencing® format. With its partners and affiliates, LSL seeks to educate the world about the potential in studying the laser-sword/lightsaber/plasmatana— whatever you want to call it— as a martial sport. Like many sports, it teaches speed, stamina, agility, strategy, and perseverance, and it can benefit anyone to practice it.

Further, LSL seeks to bring attention back to weapon-based combat sports, since it has freedom to design and brand in ways that traditional weapon-sports cannot.

What is Lightspeed-saber fencing®?

Lightspeed-saber fencing is the art of sport-combat using an unguarded laser-sword. This is a weapon with the range and lethality of a sword, but the weight and technical flexibility of a stick— a combination of tactical elements unheard of in the history of melee combat. As a result, its techniques borrow from traditional fencing, kendo, HEMA, and Filipino stick-fighting, and include wholly new techniques developed solely for the artform.

How similar is this to Traditional Fencing?

There is definitely some overlap to be sure, and any traditionally instructed fencer is going to find themselves able to adapt to the Lightspeed format incredibly easy. However, the overall rules strongly emphasize a completely different playing field and foster an environment of different strategies, techniques and character!

How is this different than other Light-Fencing Organizations?

The difference here is Kyber Combat and LSL both use the 3/4″ diameter tube. This allows for a much harder and faster paced fight while also keeping armor standards much lower than the industry standard without sacrificing any safety what-so-ever.

Does it hurt?

It can definitely hurt, especially at the competitive level. We do consider it a full-contact sport. That’s why safety equipment which protects the head, neck, and hands is mandatory.

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