To refine and promote the general physical fitness of the population of the DFW Metroplex using fun, athletic and safe saber combat with zero choreography. Spanning multiple fandoms and fictions, “Photon Blades, Beam Weapons and Lightsabers” offer a unique take on traditional fencing. Together, we aim to achieve Mastery through Harmony.

The Kyber Combat Experience

Kyber Combat is the one and only provider of Light-based fencing instruction in the Dallas / Fort-Worth Metroplex. We provide our members with the a Unique approach to Physical Fitness and Martial Prowess while surrounding them with a sense of Comradery not found anywhere else!

Kyber Combat leads the way for DFW Light-based fencing for kids, teens and adults! With Kyber Combat, you will learn self-defense skills as well as hone your confidence, focus and discipline!

Make lifelong friendships in a whole new way!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”