Wednesdays at 7 pm

Carried out by our faithful instructors and headed by Schola Director Kyle Mason, members can learn multiple different weapon variants and styles.

Instruction begins with the standard Single blade and, once a member has achieved the rank of Knight, will be proficient in over 26 steps and maneuvers ranging from attacks, defenses, retreats and parries.

However, learning never stops, and once a member has demonstrated proficiency with the single saber, instruction begins with their exotic weapon of choice: Dual, Crossguard or Staff Sabers!

Saturdays at 6 pm

This is where you test what you have learned and leave your mark on the league! Members compete weekly for 2 hours in a first-to-15 format.

Ranked matches are an integral part of both Kyber Combat and the Lightspeed Saber League (which is owned and operated by Cang Snow out of California). Not only does this prepare fighters for tournament-grade fights, but it is also mandatory to move up through the higher-tiered ranks in our structure.

Members will face off in an open-setting, encountering different styles and weapons weekly.

Corporate Events, Private Parties and Team Building Packages!
More info and pricing coming soon!